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October 04, 2016

Right after publishing my last post (Another Sorry Excuse...), I found out that my blog has been featured on expatsblog.com ... I guess it's not the best look to put a big "Under Construction" sign on my blog right when I am first presenting it to the world ... whoops! 

If you have come here from expatsblog, welcome! There are a few things I would like to polish up on my blog, but like life itself, it's a work in progress. Be sure to like my Facebook page if you would like to subscribe to my blog. If you would pop in and leave a comment on any of my posts it would mean the world to me! To think that a stranger would read my blog and bother to say hello would be awesome! Include a link to your blog, if you are a fellow blogger, and I'll be sure to return the love. :)

I've really enjoyed having a place to write my thoughts down and share my perspective on life with (hopefully) the world. I wish I had all the time in the world to blog, but a few other things in life are taking priority right now.

What I have been up to recently is working with some friends on revamping a program that we offer to the community free of charge. It is an evening of candlelit yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and kirtan (chanting and music). It's a beautiful program with a fairy lights, lanterns, and a gorgeous nature slide show to set the mood. I'm very excited to be able to be involved in this project and to share the thing that most brings me peace with others. 

If anyone in the Auckland/North Shore area is interested in attending, contact me and I will give you further details. 

Goodbye for now and namaste! 

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  1. I all of a sudden find myself wishing I lived in Auckland :D Congratulations on the feature!

    1. Thanks, I wish you lived here too!! Isn't it at least time for a visit to your kiwi side of the family? :)