The Dark Side Of Peaches

March 21, 2016

It is late summer in the Southern Hemisphere and for me the quintessential summer foods are peaches, watermelon, and sweetcorn. There is a peach tree in our yard (actually it is in our neighbor’s yard, but it overhangs into our yard) and it has a few unripe peaches on its branches and a few on the ground. One of my kids brought an unripe peach inside and set it on the kitchen counter where it sat for a day or two or three while I wondered if it would ripen. Instead it just turned gray and fuzzy (although to be fair, it was fuzzy to begin with). I tossed the peach out, but not long after I went to the fruit shop and found these beauties.

I was intrigued and I had to buy them. They are called black boy peaches (I’m still trying to figure out if that’s racist or not).  When you wash them some of the fuzz goes away and they look a bit less moldy looking.

Here’s one that has been washed.

Inside they are a dark purplish red almost like a plum.

 Not bad. Not bad at all for moldy fruit!

*edit: they aren't actually moldy


So what's this all about?

March 19, 2016

I have always wanted to start a blog, so when my friend offered to show me the ropes I took it as a sign that the time was ripe. The first thing I had to do was choose what to blog about.

I had many ideas. My first was to share a blog with my four sisters (so it would be “less” work, I thought …. Hahahaha!). Well, that fell apart quicker than it started.

My second idea was to write an expat blog about what it is like living in New Zealand as an American. The problem with that was that I have lived in New Zealand for six years already and none of that stuff is fresh in my mind anymore.

I thought of making a simple comic strip blog (too much work), a photography blog (I don’t even own a camera), a yoga blog since I’m studying to become a yoga teacher (maybe I should finish my course first), a homeschooling blog (who am I kidding, I'm the one who needs inspiration), a healthy vegetarian cooking blog (my mind has been on a cooking strike for at least a year and I don’t think readers would be interested in peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipes), or a healthy living blog (uh … the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?).

Finally, I realized that the problem that I had with all of those ideas was that I really wanted to write about deeply personal subjects. I wanted to bare and share my heart and soul on this blog, and I’m not sure how I would fit that into a blog that was mostly just a tongue and cheek observation about how dismal the ice cream flavors are in New Zealand (really dismal, but not as bad as Australia), or how America really needs to jump on the roundabout bandwagon.

So …. while it may not be as clean cut as a one-subject blog, I have decided that I will write about …. *drumroll, please* …. whatever I want to write about! Sometimes it will be light and humorous musings, while at other times it will be intensely personal.

I have actually always wanted to share things that are very intimate to my heart, but like most people, I have this slight problem where I want to be liked by everyone around me. It has taken a lot of maturing of my faith to come to the point where I can say that God loves me and my spiritual master loves me, and that is enough. A few other people may love me, most people will be indifferent and not at all interested in what I have to say, and others will absolutely hate it …. but that’s okay too. As the wise old proverb goes “Haters gonna hate”.