The Dark Side Of Peaches

March 21, 2016

It is late summer in the Southern Hemisphere and for me the quintessential summer foods are peaches, watermelon, and sweetcorn. There is a peach tree in our yard (actually it is in our neighbor’s yard, but it overhangs into our yard) and it has a few unripe peaches on its branches and a few on the ground. One of my kids brought an unripe peach inside and set it on the kitchen counter where it sat for a day or two or three while I wondered if it would ripen. Instead it just turned gray and fuzzy (although to be fair, it was fuzzy to begin with). I tossed the peach out, but not long after I went to the fruit shop and found these beauties.

I was intrigued and I had to buy them. They are called black boy peaches (I’m still trying to figure out if that’s racist or not).  When you wash them some of the fuzz goes away and they look a bit less moldy looking.

Here’s one that has been washed.

Inside they are a dark purplish red almost like a plum.

 Not bad. Not bad at all for moldy fruit!

*edit: they aren't actually moldy

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