Summer's End - Part 2

April 22, 2016

Here are the photos from our beautiful post-summer day at Long Bay Park and Granny's Bay. 

We started out on this little trail through the forest (aka: bush walk).

Then we exited onto this gravel road that goes up the hill. 
I love the nostalgic childhood feel of this clip.

Sorry for the low quality photos and video, I've only got my iPhone to work with at the moment. 

The view here was amazing, and what a beautiful day!

Panorama shot

On down to Granny's Bay. 

Climbing and exploring.

Time for a snack ... but first lemme take a selfie!

Time to head back around to Long Bay.

Splashing in the rock pools.

I may be keeping some of my Americanisms, but I feel so lucky to live in New Zealand. 

How beautiful is this!

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  1. love that Video, idyllic childhood pics right there!

  2. Your little girl climbing the tree - that is such a special shot. Looks like you guys had fun!