Stop and smell the ro.....cks?

June 06, 2016

New Zealand is full of beautiful beaches with stunning panoramic views ...... and that's not what this post is about.

This post is about the beauty that can be found at the beach when you step in a little closer and look at the textures and patterns all around.

These were all taken during a walk along Mahurangi Beach, about an hour north of Auckland.

I love the lines, swirls, and topographical patterns on these rocks which were all quite near to each other.
Do you see elephant skin - top right?

My favorite here is the light sandstone.

Nature is getting in on the trendy marble look that's so popular right now ... or wait ... I guess nature did it first!

Giraffe skin?

These ones are slightly ominous looking. 

The pink rocks found in a little crevice was cool, but my favorite is the Jackson Polluck-esque painting on the rock (top middle), done by some artistic birds.

The shimmery gold shells (bottom left) were so pretty irl. Can you spot the bird tracks?

Moving a little away from the water we have some fabulous tree textures.

It's not so easy to spot in the photo, but top right is all about the faint foam lines drawn by the waves.

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